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Who was Chad Dockery, and how did he die? The latest news on the cause of Chad Dockery’s death

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In the quiet serenity of Pebble Beach Court in Geneva, Illinois, a harrowing tale unfolded on the fateful evening of June 14th, 2023. The protagonist of this somber narrative was Chad Dockery, a 49-year-old resident of Hinsdale, whose life intersected tragically with that of his ex-wife, Amanda Dockery, 48.

The Unbearable Weight of Confession

As the sun dipped below the horizon, casting long shadows over the tranquil neighborhood, Chad made a call to emergency services that would change the course of countless lives. His voice, laden with anguish and desperation, confessed to the unthinkable: the taking of Amanda’s life.

The Geneva Police Department, a heartbeat away from the scene, rushed to Pebble Beach Court in response to Chad’s haunting admission. They arrived to find a tableau of despair, with Chad Dockery, burdened by guilt and anguish, sitting in a vehicle at the end of Amanda’s driveway.

Shattered Peace in Pebble Beach Court

The news release by the Geneva Police Department recounts the heart-wrenching scene. Chad, still holding the echoes of his irreversible actions, chose to end his own life as law enforcement closed in. The echoes of the gunshot resonated through the once-quiet neighborhood, forever altering its essence.

The first officer on the scene, a witness to the devastating culmination of a troubled relationship, found himself at the epicenter of a domestic tragedy. In the dimming twilight, he discovered Amanda’s lifeless form, the aftermath of a violent act that defied reason and left the community in disbelief.

Amanda’s Final Moments

Inside the residence, Amanda Dockery’s life had been extinguished by two gunshot wounds, the details outlined by the police amplifying the cruelty of the act. The first bullet, fired at close range, fractured her rib and punctured her lung before exiting her back. The second, a brutal blow to the skull, left her brain lacerated and her ear torn as it exited the left side of her head.

The realization that these wounds were inflicted by someone she once trusted adds an unbearable layer of sorrow to Amanda’s tragic end. The medical professionals, valiantly attempting to save her life, could only bear witness to the inevitability of her passing at 6:06 p.m.

Chad Dockery’s Final Chapter

Chad, too, succumbed to his self-inflicted wounds at 7:30 p.m. His story, one marked by turmoil and tragedy, came to a close as the medical professionals at Northwestern Medicine Delnor Hospital fought against the inevitability of his fate.

The community, now grappling with the weight of two lost lives, struggles to reconcile the man who once walked among them with the one capable of such despair. As the Eagle Brook neighborhood mourns, the investigation presses forward, shrouded in the search for answers and understanding.

The Legal Echoes

The tragedy takes a poignant turn when revealed that a week prior, a judge in Kane County had ordered Chad to make substantial monthly payments to Amanda, a financial burden that loomed over him. The specter of imprisonment hovered, adding an additional layer of complexity to the unraveling events.

An Ongoing Investigation

As the community attempts to come to terms with the darkness that has befallen Pebble Beach Court, the investigation into the incident continues. The Geneva Police Department, faced with the delicate task of piecing together the fragments of this shattered narrative, assures the public that every effort is being made to uncover the truth.

Chad Dockery’s Legacy

Chad Dockery’s alleged actions cast a shadow over the Eagle Brook neighborhood, leaving its residents grappling with a profound loss and a lingering sense of unease. The tragedy serves as a stark reminder of the complex and often painful realities within the confines of domestic relationships, urging society to pay heed to the signs that may otherwise be overlooked.

As Geneva mourns the loss of Amanda Dockery, the fragility of human connections is brought into sharp relief. The emotional scars left in the wake of this incident serve as a call to collective introspection, a plea to prioritize empathy and understanding in a world where personal struggles often remain hidden behind closed doors.


In the aftermath of this heart-wrenching event, Pebble Beach Court stands as a testament to the fragility of human relationships. Amanda Dockery’s memory lives on in the hearts of those who knew her, a beacon of remembrance urging a community to unite in compassion as they navigate the challenging journey of grief and healing.


Who is Chad Dockery?

Chad Dockery was a 49-year-old resident of Hinsdale, Illinois, whose life took a tragic turn in a recent incident in Geneva.

What happened on June 14th, 2023?

A domestic dispute unfolded on Pebble Beach Court in Geneva, resulting in what authorities believe to be a murder-suicide involving Chad Dockery and his ex-wife, Amanda Dockery.

How did Chad Dockery contact emergency services?

Chad Dockery called 911 at around 5:30 p.m. to confess to the murder of Amanda Dockery, providing a haunting account of the unfolding tragedy.

What was the outcome of the Geneva Police Department’s response?

As police arrived, Chad Dockery, armed with a handgun, took his own life. The scene was a heartbreaking tableau of despair.

What were the injuries sustained by Amanda Dockery?

Amanda Dockery suffered two gunshot wounds—one to her chest and another to her head—revealed by autopsy reports obtained through a Freedom of Information Act Request.

Were there any legal implications leading up to the incident?

A week prior, a Kane County judge had ordered Chad Dockery to make substantial monthly payments to his ex-wife, adding a layer of complexity to the unfolding tragedy.

What is the current status of the investigation?

The Geneva Police Department continues to investigate this heart-wrenching incident, assuring the public that further details are yet to be revealed as they work diligently to uncover the truth.

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