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Who Is Susannah Coolidge? Parents, siblings, husband, profession and net worth

Susannah Coolidge, the sister of American actress Jennifer Coolidge, is often recognized for her sister’s roles in the American Pie and Legally Blonde film series. While Jennifer is well-known, not much is known about Susannah. Let’s delve into Susannah Coolidge’s life, both personally and professionally, to learn more about her.

Exploring Her Early Years, Family, and Background

Susannah Coolidge, born in June 1966 in the United States, is 56 years old as of 2023. Her parents, Gretchen Knauff and Paul Constant Coolidge, played significant roles in her life. Paul, a former navy deck officer and owner of plastic manufacturing companies, and Gretchen, a homemaker, raised Susannah and her siblings in Norwell, Massachusetts. Unfortunately, both parents have passed away.

Susannah pursued her education at Tulane University in New Orleans, LA. She comes from a diverse ethnic background, with English, German, and distant Scottish and Irish ancestry. In addition to her rich heritage, Susannah is proud to hold American nationality.

Susannah’s Family Heritage

In terms of family history, Susannah’s paternal grandfather, John Templeman Coolidge IV, hailed from Boston, born to John Templeman Coolidge III and Catherine Scollay Parkman. Her paternal grandmother, Susannah Cunningham, was born in Brookline, Massachusetts, to Frederic Cunningham and Hetty Sullivan Lawrence.

On her mother’s side, Susannah’s maternal grandfather, Paul August Knauff, originated from Wisconsin, born to German parents Henry Knauff and Frederika Marie Mulfinger. Meanwhile, her maternal grandmother, Mildred Ann Adkisson, a native of Illinois, was born to William Frank Adkisson and Margaret Ann Portlock.

Susannah Coolidge’s Brothers and Sisters

As mentioned earlier, Susannah is Jennifer Coolidge’s sister. Apart from Jennifer, she has two more siblings—Elizabeth Coolidge, her sister, and Andrew Coolidge, her brother.

While Jennifer has achieved fame as a Hollywood actress, Susannah’s other two siblings lead notably private lives.

Jennifer Coolidge: A Snapshot of Her Acting Journey

Born on August 28, 1961, in Norwell, Massachusetts, Susannah’s sister Jennifer Coolidge was destined for stardom. After joining the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, she ventured to Los Angeles to pursue her acting dreams.

Jennifer kicked off her career with supporting roles in various movies and TV series. Her debut on the sitcom Seinfeld marked the beginning, followed by appearances in films like A Bucket of Blood, Pulp Fiction, and Night at the Roxbury. However, it was her breakthrough role in the 1999 comedy film American Pie that catapulted her to recognition as an actress.

Notably, in 2018, Coolidge joined forces with Ariana Grande, appearing in the music video for the song “Thank U, Next.”

Jennifer’s Sister’s Shark Encounter: Was it Susannah Coolidge?

In a candid interview with US magazine, The White Lotus actress shared an intriguing childhood story about her family. At the age of 10, Jennifer revealed that she and her family recreated Jaws, with her dad playing the role of the swimmer with a fin on his back, and one of her sisters taking on the role of the shark victim.

As Jennifer hasn’t specified which sister played the shark victim, there’s a mystery surrounding whether it was Susannah or Elizabeth.

Susannah Coolidge’s Role at World Trade Center, New Orleans

Based on her LinkedIn profile, Susannah currently serves as the Trade Programs Manager at the World Trade Center in New Orleans. Unfortunately, details about her professional life beyond this position are not available.

Susannah Coolidge’s Married Life with Fred Diegel

Absolutely! Susannah Coolidge is happily married to her husband, Fred Diegel, and they reside together in New Orleans. While details about their marriage date and children remain private, it’s evident that they navigate their marital journey with grace.

In 2018, the couple participated in the Holiday Home Tour at 1525 Camp Place, where Susannah’s husband purchased furniture at an auction, complementing the American side-hall style of their home.

Susannah Coolidge’s Wealth Status

Having worked in a world trade center, Susannah, the celebrity sibling, likely amassed a decent income. Despite checking various media sources, it seems her net worth has yet to be determined.


In conclusion, our exploration of Susannah Coolidge’s life unveils a captivating blend of family, career, and intriguing anecdotes. From her Norwell roots to her role at the World Trade Center, Susannah’s journey is marked by familial ties and professional pursuits. Her connection to actress Jennifer Coolidge adds a unique dimension.

Maintaining privacy, her participation in the Holiday Home Tour and the childhood Jaws recreation offer subtle glimpses. In the shadow of her famous sister, Susannah’s story is one of quiet achievements and a commitment to a life away from the public eye.


Is Susannah Coolidge related to actress Jennifer Coolidge?

Yes, Susannah Coolidge is the sister of actress Jennifer Coolidge.

What is Susannah Coolidge’s profession?

Susannah works as the Trade Programs Manager at the World Trade Center in New Orleans.

Who is Susannah Coolidge married to?

Susannah is married to Fred Diegel, and the couple resides in New Orleans.

Do Susannah and her husband have children?

Details about Susannah’s children are not known as she keeps her personal life private.

What is Susannah Coolidge’s net worth?

Despite her work at the World Trade Center, Susannah’s net worth remains unestimated according to various media outlets.

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